The Eastern Townships Film Festival (ETFF) is in its second year, the "shortETFFshort" competition theme for this year is JUNK FOOD.

You have to produce a 30 seconds to 3 minutes video on the theme of JUNK FOOD or HEALTHIER FOOD. Shooting can be done with a digital camera or an Iphone. Once completed, your video can be downloaded on a broadcasting site like or or other.

Once downloaded you send your video hyperlink to:

Age categories: 9 to 13 years old
                          14 to 17 years old  

                          (all categories by august 16, 2012)
For the team who produced the video, the age of the oldest participant will be retained for classification.

Selection and competition criteria:
- clarity of message and topic
-quality of shooting and editing
-value of the entertainment offered
-extent to which the chosen theme is kept

The films final selection will take place during the Eastern Townships Film Festival. Prizes will be awarded according to the different categories. The winning films will be broadcasted on the festival promoters sites and will be announced at the closing  film festival screening.

All films must abide by the following rules:
Duration: from 30 seconds to 3 minutes maximum
Deadline date: august 16th 2012 at midnight

The films must be downloaded on a broadcasting site (youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, etc.)and the URL must be forwarded by  its author (or the oldest of the authors in the case of a team) through  Email, including name, age, town and country residence, before the 16th of august at midnight, to

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